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Friday night at Chatham Central there was a celebration of accomplishment. Every year Every  student involved in a team sport is recognized and applauded for their success. I have always been a fan of team sports for the invaluable skills you learn aside from the athletics. Playing on a team teaches you to win and lose, to play well with others, to be disciplined, not to expect to always be first-and so much more. And……. I am sure all of the athletes I saw on Friday could make a much longer list.
At the risk of preaching and putting you all  to sleep-please know that there were No losers. Although it was a 3 hour time frame it was not boring-Coach Little and Coach Slaughter had a running contest about not taking too much time. And I am sure everyone would have let Coach Slaughter talk as long as he wanted-it was just nice to see him back. Also, there was Coach Pegram who is always entertaining. Coach Binkley and his gentle spirit makes an impression on everyone and on and on. I may be wrong but it seems that the teams of Chatham Central are not only winners but are having a great experience just being a part of it all.
I am listing the awards below but know that some of decisions for Most Valuable, Most Improved and Coach’s awards were based on being most supportive or most inspirational.The last single kudo is to those students who played 3 and 4 sports. I hope I am not the only one who is impressed-I can’t find the time to make the bed and do the dishes some days.
 So…….we Salute you. And want you to know that you are not the only ones being changed by this Season of your life but that you changed ours as well-the spectators. (Story by Cameron Robles).


2013-14 Chatham Central Athletic Awards

Women’s Tennis

1. MVP- Abby Wilkins

2. Most Improved – Leann Thurman

3. Most Improved – Erin Staley

4. Coach’s Award – Alli Maness



1.Team MVP – Toni NelsonDefensive

2. MVP – Anna Brafford

3.Offensive MVP – Katelyn Moody


Cheer-leading (fall)

1. MV Cheerleader- Josey Sirls

2. Most Improved – Alli Maness

3. Coach’s Award – Brittany Howard

Cheer-leading (winter)

1. MVCheerleader- Destiny Oates

2. Most Improved- Vanessa Sanchez

3. Coach’s Award- Josey Sirls



1. Defensive MVP – Katelyn Moody

2. Offensive MVP-Anna Brafford

3. Coach’s Award – Ashley Hudson

Women’s Soccer

1. MVP- Lapita Gomez

2. Most Improved- Natalie Bright

3. Coach’s Award – Victoria Lozada .

Men’s Basketball

1. Most Improved- Matt Clark

2. Coach’s Award- Camen Mitchell

3. MVP – Zack Burke


1. MVP – Offense- Andrew Jurden

2. MVP – Defense- Banks Burke

3. Coach’s Award- Lucas Craig

Men’s Tennis

1. MVP- Caleb Reeves

2. Most Improved- Dakori Moore



1. MVP- Zack Burke

2. Most Improved- Matt Brooks

3. Most Improved- Brandon Phillips

4. Coach’s Award- Chase Fuquay

Women’s Track

1. MVP- Jocelyn Rives

2. Most Improved- Jada Walden

3. Lisa Wicker Award- Rebecca Riggs


Men’s Track

1. Jon Sumrell MVP Award-Dawson Wolf

2. Most Improved- Jeffery Davis

3. Steve Smith Award- Casey Canterbury

Women’s Basketball

1. MVP –Ashley Hudson

2. Best Defensive Player-Katelyn Moody

3. Best Defensive Player- Courtney Williamson

4. Most Improved- Jocelyn Rives


1. MVP- Anthony Johnson

2. Most Improved- Scotty Polston

3. Coach’s Award-Antonio McClain



1. Team Before Self- Rogelio Amador

2. Most Outstanding- James Daggett

3. Most Improved- Rodney Van De Walker

Women’s Cross Country

1. MVP-Madison Williams

2. Coach’s Award-Samantha Jibben

Men’s Cross Country

1. MVP- Chris Jaeger

2. Coach’s Award- Jakota Pemberton

1. 2013-14 CCHS Female Athlete Sportsmanship Award- Addie Pegram

2. 2013-14 CCHS Male Athlete Sportsmanship Award- Seth Tillman

3. 2013-14 CCHS Female Athlete of the Year – Alli Maness

4. 2013-14 CCHS Male Athlete of the Year- Zack Burke

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