New Year and a New You

2014 is now here and like every “New Year” that comes around so do new year resolutions. Ahhh resolutions…how many should you make? What are the odds of follow-through? How does a  person actually keep a resolution?

We’re going to help you with those questions and much more. Every day for the month of January, we’re going to be posting a series called, “New Year, a New You.” We’ll be giving tips, practices, and hints to help you make 2014 your best year yet! From health and fitness to finances and family time, we’ve got you covered with bright ideas that you can carry with you over the next 365 days. Don’t miss a single one!

Whether you’ve got your 2014 resolutions all ready to go, or you’re hoping to receive a little inspiration over the next 31 days, we’re going to start you off right with ways to keep your resolutions all year long:

1. Make sure it’s something YOU really want. Don’t base your resolution on something you “should” want or on something that other people tell you to want. Be true to you.

2. Limit yourself. Make sure it’s a number you can handle. That way, you’re focusing your efforts on the goals you truly want.

3. Be specific. Never broad. Instead of saying, “I’m going to exercise more.” say, “I’m working out at the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 p.m.”

4. Always make a plan. Create a series of smaller steps to reach your goal rather than stating a daunting one.

5. Write down your goal! Visualize it regularly, place it where you’ll view it frequently. Writing and visualizing firmly set it in the subconscious. They are highly effective tools.

6. Get an accountability partner. Having a cheerleader or someone acting as coach is a powerful weapon. Making a public commitment adds motivation.

7. Forgive yourself. Slipping up is part of the process. If you fall off the wagon, jump back on. Don’t believe the lie that states if you stumble you have to give up. Truth is you don’t have to wait for the
next year or for some magic moment. Dust yourself off and get back to your goals.

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