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The following posts are from our January 2014 series “New Year, a New You.”  One article will be posted each day in January to discuss building a better you.  Article topics will vary every day.  We will present various ways to improve your life physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. Click here to view previous posts.


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There’s a saying that states, “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.: While some people might think reading is a waste of time, or a way to escape the real world, did you know that reading is actually good for you? Studies have shown that reading is beneficial because it is:
Mentally stimulating, helping to slow the process of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
A stress reduction, whether by transporting you somewhere else or by distracting you
Good for knowledge, filling your head with new bits of information
A vocabulary enhancer, making you more articulate and well-spoken
A memory helper, by remembering names and plots you forge new brain pathways and strengthen existing ones

If you are hoping to expand your reading in 2014 here are a few helpful hints.

1) Read at least one book a month
To make reading a priority, you’ll have to carve a few hours out of your schedule every week. Try making it a nightly bedtime habit – as second nature as putting on your PJ’s – and you’ll find plenty of time to check out a new title each month.

2) Keep track of the books you’ve read and want to read
Try using Pinterest to easily organize the books on your reading “to-do” list as well as the ones you’ve already read.

3) Read the books before the movie releases
The books are always better anyway so think ahead this year! Check out the book-turned-movie-releases and mark your calendar. Stock your bookshelf or nightstand now to make sure you’re all caught up by the time the film premieres.

4) Dive into a new genre
Everybody has their preferred genre but why not surprise yourself this year? Check out what’s on the bestseller list and give one you normally wouldn’t consider a go. Try a mystery or a biography or a classic. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a new favorite.

5) Reread childhood favorites
For old times’ sake, turn to some of your childhood memories. Rereading an old favorite will provide a nice break from more intense books, and chances are you’ll find a lesson or two in those old illustrated reads.

6) Support the local library
Take a break from your Kindle and head to the library. It’s a great way to save some money and access plenty of books. Chatham County libraries, Wren Memorial in Siler City, Goldston Library, and Chatham Community in Pittsboro, have a plethora of new (and old) reads to choose from. They all offer free library cards for Chatham and surrounding county residents. Chatham Community Library and Goldston Library have book clubs and Wren Memorial and Chatham Community Library offer free children’s story time every week.

There’s something for everyone out there. So step away from that smart phone or social media site and replenish your soul and enhance your mind with a good read. Your brain will thank you one day.

For more information on Chatham County Libraries, visit



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