Your diet may be in trouble if … …

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For those of us who are on a weight loss plan or just doing your best to lose a couple of pounds here are a few signs that it may not be going so well.

Your diet may be in trouble if…

1.  after a good early morning workout at the gym you reward yourself with a gravy biscuit.

2.  over the past month you have lost your cell phone more times than you have loss weight.

3.  you start counting strawberry and blueberry Pop-Tarts as fruit servings.

4.  the lady at the checkout asks you when your baby is due and you are not pregnant.

5.  you justify a balanced diet as a cookie in each hand.

6.  you decide not to go to the gym today because all the parking spaces near the door were taken.

7.  you decide to start hanging around fat people to make yourself look thinner.

8.  you count ketchup as a vegetable.

9.  your clothes do not fit you before they go out of style.

10. you only buy clothes with elastic waist bands.

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