Crossroads Grill Game Of The Week: Jordan-Matthews vs Northwood

We know what you’re thinking, this must be a misprint, the Jordan-Matthews Northwood football game was last Friday. Indeed it was, but this week’s version of the “football” rivalry is what we commonly refer to in this part of the world as soccer. And make no mistake about it, this is still a rivalry and there will be plenty of talent and skills on display.

Both teams are currently .500 on the season and at one point early in the season the Jets were the second ranked team in the state in the 2A category. It was at that point in time when the Chargers soccer team decided to hand the Jets a 3-1 loss at their place. Each team participated in the Orange County Challenge to start their seasons against some pretty good competition which I think will help them throughout their respective seasons.

As was the case on the gridiron, the styles of play from the two schools are somewhat different on the pitch as well. In the first matchup Northwood possessed a more aggressive and physical type of play while Jordan-Matthews maintained more of their finesse and constant movement style. We’ll see on Thursday what the approaches will be by the Jets and Chargers.

The junior varsity teams will start at 5:00 pm on Thursday in Siler City and the varsity teams will follow. If you have some time you should definitely make the effort to make it out to Jordan-Matthews on Thursday, even if you’re not typically a soccer fan. These guys still have skills and talents to display in their own right.

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