Courier Tribune Christmas Classic Day 2 Recap

After an exciting and thrilling finish to day 1 of the Courier Tribune Christmas Classic, Day 2 got underway on Tuesday afternoon and these match-ups looked to be exciting as well. The Providence Grove Patriots and the Trinity Bulldogs opened day 2 vying for a spot in the 5th place game. In the second game of the afternoon, Randleman battled it out against Southwestern Randolph who got stunned by the Wheatmore Warriors on day 1. Host school Asheboro faced off against Eastern Randolph in the first semifinal game of the day. Wheatmore, coming off a thrilling win over Southwestern Randolph, took on Jordan-Matthews in the final semifinal of the day.

If you think that one team is a lock to win this tournament, then think again. As the Warriors of Wheatmore proved last night, even the reigning champs can fall. Day 2 was slated to be as exciting as day 1 and it lived up to the hype.

Game 1: Providence Grove vs Trinity

PGvsTHS_CTCCBasketball Girls

Photo by Kaitlyn Mullins

The Providence Grove Patriots and the Trinity Bulldogs kicked off day 2 on Tuesday afternoon. Both teams came out pumped and ready to play. The bulldogs opened the game with a quick 4-0 lead against the Patriots. Providence Grove picked themselves up and got on the board with 2. The Bulldogs lead the first quarter 9-2.

Coming in the second the Bulldogs had a 7 point lead which ended quickly as the Patriots got there confidence back scoring back-to-back three’s to close the gap to 1 point. Trying to extend their lead the Bulldogs managed to score 9 points in the second quarter. That was the last lead of the afternoon for the Bulldogs. The Patriots proved they came out ready to fight as they scored 22 points in the second quarter. Providence Grove had a 6 point lead at the half .

Providence Grove was the first to score coming into the third quarter. Trinity didn’t count themselves out of the game as they came into the third trying to take back the lead with scoring 8 points. The 8 points the Bulldogs scored weren’t enough as the Patriots proved they were in it to win it,  had an 8 point lead coming in the fourth. Trinity tried to closed the gap by scoring 4 points in the fourth but the Patriots went on to score 9. The Patriots won the game 42-30.

Leading the way for the Patriots was Madison Ferguson with 15, while Natalie Allred and Madison Dark both chipped in 10. For the Bulldogs Allison Watkins had 12, Kaitlyn Cox with 10, and Jade Earnhardt with 9.

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Game 2: Randleman vs Southwestern Randolph


Photo by Kaitlyn Mullins

The Randleman Tigers and Southwestern Randolph Cougars took on game 2 on Tuesday at the Courier Tribune Christmas Classic. Both teams coming from a lost Monday were determined to come out of yesterday’s game with a win. Coming out of the tip off the Cougars were the first to score. Southwestern took an early lead but Randleman shot back-to back threes’s to close the gap by 1. The Cougars led by 1 coming out of the first quarter.

With the lead only by one the Tigers came back and took the lead from the Cougars. As the lead switched back and fourth between the two teams the Cougars came out on top to secure the lead as the Tigers trailed by 7. In the second quarter the Tigers only managed to score 10 points as the Cougars scored 23 to continue there quest to win. Southwestern Randolph had an 14 point lead coming into the half.

The Cougars come into the third quarter ready to play as they are the first to score. The Tigers didn’t give up as they continued to push to score. Randleman went on to score 10 points in the third quarter as well as the Cougars. With Southwestern Randolph having a 14 point lead at the end of the third Randleman came out in the fourth shooting back-to-back threes’s trying to close the gap making the score 39-52. The effort wasn’t enough as the Cougars continued there lead and went on to win the game 40-52.

Leading scorers for the Cougars was Lauren LaPlant with 22, Karsyn Small with 13, and AlleeReid chipped in with 6. Top scorers for the Tigers was Jessie Bueno with 17, Sabrina Powell with 11, and Charley Butler with 7.

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Game 3: Asheboro vs Eastern Randolph


Photo by Stephanie King

The Asheboro Blue Comets and the Eastern Randolph Wildcats went to work in the third game of the second round of the Courier Tribune Christmas Classic on Tuesday. The Blue Comets got the semifinals by defeating Providence Grove on Monday 71 to 40. Eastern Randolph defeated the Trinity Bulldogs on Monday 63 t0 39 in order to set up a date with Asheboro in the semifinals.

Eastern Randolph wasted no time getting going in this one as they used a 9 to 2 run to open the game. Asheboro could not find their shooting touch beyond the arc in the first quarter. The Wildcats kept taking right at the Blue Comets and ended up with a 14 to 6 lead at the end of the first quarter. Asheboro still had trouble finding their outside shooting touch during the second quarter. The Wildcat defenses aided in keeping their lead throughout the first half of play. By halftime Eastern Randolph had a 23 to 13 lead over Asheboro.

Asheboro found their touch during the third quarter of play as they outscored the Wildcats 24 to 12 to take the lead. The lead went back and forth during the third quarter once the Blue Comets caught back up to Wildcats. The biggest lead for the Blue Comets during the third quarter was 4. When the Wildcats were down, senior Alexis Andrews put the team on her back and kept them in the game. At the end of the third quarter, Asheboro had a 37 to 35 lead over Eastern Randolph.

The two teams continued to battle throughout the fourth quarter as this one came down to the wire. Defense and free throws were key during the fourth quarter as neither team could pull away for a safe lead. Asheboro was able to take an 8 point lead at one point, but the Wildcats came right back. Asheboro’s defense and free throw shooting helped them to maintain the lead and go on the win 50 to 46.

Leading the way for the Blue Comets was Breanna Foster with 23. Nylaijah Artice and Meredith Priest both chipped in 8 for Asheboro. For Eastern Randolph it was Alexis Andrews leading the way with 21, while Samantha Burgess added 9. Amelia Leornard and Kaylee Carter both chipped in 5 for the Wildcats.

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Game 4: Jordan-Matthews vs Wheatmore


Photo by Stephanie King

The Wheatmore Warriors and the Jordan-Matthews Jets faced off in the final game of the evening on Tuesday. The Warriors made it the semifinals by upsetting reigning Courier Tribune Christmas Classic Champions Southwestern Randolph 51-46. Jordan-Matthews defeated Randleman 45-35 to make to the semifinals for the first time in

This one remained pretty even during the first quarter of play. The Jets were the first on the board and the Warriors found their first bucket midway through. Neither team shot the ball particularly well, but what they lacked in offense they made up for it on defense. By the end of the first quarter the Jets and the Warriors were tied at 9 all.

Both teams continued to struggle shooting the ball during the second quarter of play. The two teams combined for just 13 points in the second half and neither team was able to pull away for a secure lead. The Warriors outscored the Jets 8 to 5 in the second quarter to take a 17 to 14 halftime lead.

Jordan-Matthews came alive during the third quarter as they were able to pull ahead of the Warriors. Good defense and good shooting by the Jets was key in coming back and taking the lead from the Warriors. Wheatmore was not going to go down without a fight. The Warriors would not let the Jets get to far out of reach. Jordan-Matthews outscored Wheatmore 15 to 7 in the third quarter to take a 29 to 24 lead.

The Jets continued their good shooting during the fourth quarter as they extended their lead out. However, Wheatmore stayed close and never let the game get out of hand. Midway through the fourth, the Jets held a 3 point lead over the Warriors. Wheatmore stayed within striking distance and were able to overcome the Jets to advance to the championship game. The Warriors won 44 to 42.

Leading the way for the Warriors was Davey Albertson with 12 points, while Hayley Williams finished with 11 points. Kaitlin Stevenson added 7 points for the Warriors. Sarah Morse paced the Jets with 17 points, while Brandi Alston finished with 11 points.

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Day 3 Match-ups

1:00PM Trinity vs Randleman
2:30PM Providence Grove vs Southwestern Randolph
6:00PM Eastern Randolph vs Jordan-Matthews
7:30PM Asheboro vs Wheatmore

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