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The following posts are from our January 2014 series “New Year, a New You.”  One article will be posted each day in January to discuss building a better you.  Article topics will vary every day.  We will present various ways to improve your life physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally.  Click here to view previous posts.

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What do you want this new year to bring? I have a couple of large goals for this year as well as a couple of small ones. My goals are all across the board. They range from physical health goals to spiritual health goals. They are family and personal goals and they are business and financial goals.

Though these goals cover the many areas of my personal and business life, they all have one thing in common. The way to accomplish the goals is through consistent and targeted effort.

I was reading a newsletter a psychologists puts out a short time ago. He was talking about how consistent effort leads to success. If I want to lose 20 pounds this year, I will not be successful trying to lose it all in two weeks. I have to have consistent effort throughout the year to accomplish that goal and to be successful.

Often we lose site of our goals because we do not see small victories on the way to reaching our goal. It is very important to have the vision to recognize these small victories. If weight loss is our goal, the small victory can be that I did not have the dessert or I did not have second helpings at dinner. If increasing your savings is your goal, the small victory is that I put an extra $100 in my retirement fund this month.

You have to recognize the small victories to realize the big victory. The ultimate success in reaching your goal will only come from consistent and sustained effort.

I do not have to lose 20 pounds this month. I have to lose a half pound this week and every week for the next 40 weeks. I do not have to pay off this lingering debt I have this month, I just need to pay an extra $100 on it each pay period for the next 11 months.

Consistent, targeted, and sustained effort leads to success. I hope you all have much success in 2014.

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