5 New Year’s resolutions we can all keep… for at least a month

The following posts are from our January 2014 series “New Year, a New You.”  One article will be posted each day in January to discuss building a better you.  Article topics will vary every day.  We will present various ways to improve your life physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally.  Click here to view previous posts.

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Many of us make New Year’s resolutions and break them before Martin Luther King Day, but here are five that we can all keep (at least until Valentine’s Day).

1.  I will eat healthier foods.
Ok. This is a pretty vague statement, so let’s try something a little more specific. “I resolve that in 2014, I will not eat any food from a place that also sells gas.”  It is a small victory, but a victory none the less.  Costco is not included in this resolution. I do love FREE samples.

2.  I will read my tweets and facebook posts before I actually click the send button.
It made sense to me when I was typing it.  How can it sound so stupid when I look at it three minutes later? I should also learn how to spell check my tweets.

3.  I will talk to more people in person than I do online.
How does the lyric from the Brad Paisley song go? “I am much cooler online.”  Sad, but true. Our posts and comments online are often more spiritual, more caring, and more sympathetic than we are in person. Share more face to face than on Facebook.

4. I will read two books during 2014.
I should probably amend this to say, “I will finish two books.”  Statistics show that people finish less that 15% of the books they start reading.

5.  I will completely ignore what any celebrity says about politics, religion, giving to charity or how hard their life is.
Let’s be honest.  Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, or Ben Affleck do not know what it is like to be me.

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