1A Wrestling Championship, Rematch between Central and Mitchell

After defeating Louisburg and Rosewood the Bears wrestling team advances to the 1A dual state championship to face Mitchell high school on Saturday. Central is 24-6 and Mitchell is 27-4 which sets up a great match for the final. The championship is set for Saturday @ Mitchell. Last year these two teams wrestled in the championship and Mitchell won a hard fought battle 36-30 over the Bears. The Bears have a great team again this season and have a great chance to avenge last year’s defeat. Good luck to the Central Wrestling team on Saturday!!

Chatham Central (CHCE) 34.00 Rosewood (ROSE) 31.00
106: Nick Daggett (CHCE) over   (ROSE) (For.) 113: Jordan Harris (CHCE) over Reid Amodeo (ROSE) (Inj. [time]) 120: David Dotson (ROSE) over Jonathan Avillia (CHCE) (Dec 9-4) 126: Malique Boyd (ROSE) over Christian Sanchez (CHCE) (TF 21-6 0:00) 132: Tre Edwards (CHCE) over Jayden Thomas (ROSE) (MD 17-6) 138: Samuel Drew (ROSE) over Caleb Reeves (CHCE) (Dec 7-2) 145: Joseph Waters (ROSE) over Eric (E.J.) Pendergrass (CHCE) (Fall 0:00) 152: Sam Azar (CHCE) over Evan Reiss (ROSE) (Dec 5-3) 160: Rodney Van De Walker (CHCE) over Cameron Helt (ROSE) (Fall 0:00) 170: Kaleb Smith (ROSE) over Jared  Mathewson (CHCE) (Dec 3-1) 182: Curtis Brown (CHCE) over Dylan Melgar (ROSE) (Dec 4-1) 195: Josh Drew (ROSE) over Luis Puente (CHCE) (Fall 0:00) 220: Rayquon Jones (ROSE) over Dylan Lee (CHCE) (Fall 0:00) 285: Casey Canterbury (CHCE) over Kaleb Taylor (ROSE) (Fall 0:00) (ROSE Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.00)

Chatham Central (CHCE) 78.00 Louisburg (LOUI) 6.00
285: Casey Canterbury (CHCE) over Noah Allen (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 106: Nick Daggett (CHCE) over Austin Tilley (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 113: Jordan Harris (CHCE) over   (LOUI) (For.) 120: Trevious Foster (LOUI) over Jonathan Avillia (CHCE) (Fall 0:00) 126: Christian Sanchez (CHCE) over Brandon Rodriguez (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 132: Tre Edwards (CHCE) over Miles Brown (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 138: Caleb Reeves (CHCE) over   (LOUI) (For.) 145: Eric (E.J.) Pendergrass (CHCE) over Zach Ayscue (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 152: Sam Azar (CHCE) over Dilan Medina (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 160: Rodney Van De Walker (CHCE) over Ryder Bishop (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 170: Jared  Mathewson (CHCE) over Amador Castro (LOUI) (Fall 0:00) 182: Luis Puente (CHCE) over   (LOUI) (For.) 195: Curtis Brown (CHCE) over   (LOUI) (For.) 220: Dylan Lee (CHCE) over   (LOUI) (For.)


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